ISPs tell government that congestion is “not a problem,” impose data caps anyway
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Dave Digs Disney Review

The sweetness of classic Disney meeting the cool of the Quartet’s jazz makes for a wonderful collection of accessible, yet still stimulating, interpretations.

와이키키 브라더스 (2001) Review

Waikiki Brothers is a film about hope in hardship and endurance in decline as seen through the eyes of a struggling nightclub bandleader forced to return to its hometown..

Cable companies: We’re afraid Netflix will demand payment from ISPs

I like how after already demanding and getting money from Netflix to stop degrading connection, telecom is trying to say that they’re afraid Netflix is the one that’s going to try to extort money from them.

#MTGM15 Core Set Prerelease Review

As far as core set prereleases go, this one was actually better than average.

You don’t need to be a terrorist to get on no-fly list, US manual says

Best quote from the article: “Attorney General Eric Holder, for example, had claimed last year that national security would be imperiled if the public knew that a Stanford University graduate student was placed on the no-fly list because an FBI agent checked the wrong box on a nomination form.”

Productivity can also be procrastination. Even as the master of the former, you can still be thrall to the latter.
Dave Brubeck - Brubeck Plays Brubeck (1956) Review

Brubeck proves more than capable of casting a musical spell solo.

FCC bid to boost broadband competition faces attack over “constitutionality”

So what you legislators are trying to tell me is that I, along with my city, don’t have a right to choose to set up internet access outside of the humongous monopolies that already exist? Oh and you’re all in the pockets of those big monopolies? And the states whose legislators are in the pocket of the telecom industry can freely contest the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution… because… the constitution?