Daft Punk - Homework (1997) Review

Before they were robots, they were men. But even back then, they were making eclectic dance music to get your head bobbing and your booty shaking.

The Cheesecake Factory - Macaroni and Cheese Burger Review

Pretty much what you would expect, given the name.

폭력써클 (2006)

Gangster High’s cliche tale of youth being dragged into violence just barely manages to stay afloat on its performances and direction, but it offers nothing new to the genre.

#MTGTHS Block Sealed Deck Exercise Test B

Phenax vs. Stormbreath Dragon! Who will show up on the field of battle? Who will win?

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Countdown: Time in Outer Space (1962) Review

Somehow, the Quartet continues to mine time signatures and tempos for inspiration and resolve yet another enjoyable album.

It was pretty fun to see @eatyourkimchi and @mychonny get sloshed while trying out a variety of soju. I don’t have the tolerance for more than a single shot before I get incoherent, so it was fun to see people actually comparing many brands of soju. Granted, a deeper comparison would have been nice, but how many soju comparison videos do you really have to choose from anyway?

In-N-Out Burger - French Fries Review

The only thing that disappoints me at In-N-Out.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Review

A change of tone for the MCU does it a lot of good. The movie also has a killer soundtrack.

I’m really digging Big Baby Driver’s new track, “Baby You”. A fine light country tune.

I like you. A lot. I don’t know why. And it drives me crazy. And the more I keep telling myself I shouldn’t, I find myself liking you more. It’s insanity. Complete and total insanity. And yet it still feels more right than any theorem I’ve ever solved.