The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions of New York Review

A decent collection of New York inspired tunes that easily outlives the television show it was a soundtrack to.

내 생애 봄날 (2014): 6회 미안해요..좋아해서.. Review

The 6th episode of #MySpringDay disappoints with a tedious and repetitive series of filler plots and flashbacks. It’s a rather shallow and limited episode that bodes poorly for the future storyline. And was challenging to get myself to sit through.

The Habit Burger Grill - BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Review

It’s fairly good, but the double charburger is better.

내 생애 봄날 (2014): 5회 이거 세상에 하나 뿐인 팔찌 맞아요 Review

My Spring Day continues to stagger as it piles on contrivances to introduce a possible element of fate. It’s still fairly good about moving the story along, but that story is getting messy and on the cusp of becoming tedious.

Boyhood (2014) Review

An atypical, but compelling, exploration of life in time.

내 생애 봄날 (2014): 4회 겁이 나. 또 형한테 뺏길까 봐 Review

My Spring Day does pretty well through most of episode 4 until one of the worst tropes endemic to Korean dramas shows up near the end to mangle the episode’s and series’ potential.

#MTGKTK Prerelease Review

Khans of Tarkir had what I felt was the best prerelease since Gatecrash. Read on for my experience leading the Jeskai Clan.

Apparently too much of a good thing tastes like regret.
I went out to get lunch but I ended up just buying dessert to go with my romanesco.

I went out to get lunch but I ended up just buying dessert to go with my romanesco.

내 생애 봄날 (2014): 3회 집에 인사시킬 사람이 있어 Review

My Spring Day recovers well on its third episode, moving the story forward without frustrating obfuscation and putting in lots of adorable interactions between pretty much everyone and Kam Woosung.